Sole Mandate vs Open Mandate

PUBLISHED 15 JUL 2021   

The time has come. You are looking to scale up to a larger home, or for many, downscale after the kids move out. Great, you’ve made the most important decision and now it’s time to make the second most important decision, choosing your agent.

Whoever you choose, make sure to sign a Sole Mandate.

Although your property might (emphasis on might) be cast to a wider audience in terms of agents, by having multiple agents or agencies. Your listing will not get the attention it deserves. With open mandates, your property is just another listing on the agents’ books. With sole mandates however, the agent works for you, making sure the property is marketed through the proper channels with maximum effectiveness and most importantly to the correct target audience.  

Communication plays a major role in any business relationship. With sole mandate listings, all communications (viewing requests, queries about the property, offers to purchase) will always come through one agency. Imagine having people just show up at your property because one of your open mandate agents isn’t fully committed to the sale of your property and didn’t communicate with you about viewings.

All Better Call Agents are allowed to work on each others properties / listings. Which means, you as the seller employ an entire office of dedicated agents to find the right buyer for your property. All Better Call Agents keep each other accountable to perform the highest standard of service, as healthy competition within the group drives our sales force.

It all comes down to quality and professionalism. Do you want to sell your home for the price it deserves and get maximum return on your investment? Go Sole Mandate and keep your Better Call Agents accountable.