10 Affordable DIY Home Decorating Ideas

PUBLISHED 23 JUL 2021   

10 Affordable DIY Home Décor Ideas


Winter time is still very much upon us, which makes it rather unpleasant to do outdoor activities. Small D.I.Y. projects are a great way to keep yourself busy and being productive at the same time. We’ve compiled 10 relatively affordable D.I.Y. décor projects that should make a big difference and add some colour and warmth to your home. 



  1. Paint your house/room

    Very little freshens up a home like a new coat of paint. Paint tends to lose its colour over the years and also gets quite dirty. While you are at it, you might as well look at a different colour. It is quite a bit of work to paint a house, but the results are always worth it.

  2. Paint an accent wall/piece

    Accent walls are all the rage at the moment. Paint one wall a different colour and then add paintings or decorations that are the colour of the other walls. This way it all ties in together and the wall will stand out, without being overpowering.

  3. Build a floating shelf

    Almost any piece of flat wood can be used for this. Depending on the styling of your home, weathered wood is a great way to add some petina making the house feel warmer and cosier. Use some old copper pipe to mount the shelf to add some extra colour.

  4. Vinyl wrap appliances

    Large electronic appliances are an expensive investment and should last a long time, but cosmetically they can be subject to some abuse. Vinyl wrapping can be tricky, so practice on something small first, but it is a relatively inexpensive way to add new life to tired appliances and some colour to your house, if you are brave enough to go with a bold colour.

  5. Showcase collectables

    Once again this depends on the styling of your home. If you have a warm and rustic vibe going, add items like some old cameras which can be bought second-hand for cheap. Ideal if you also made your own floating shelf with used wood.

  6. Light up a jug

    Add some pop to glass jars or jugs by buying cheap battery powered fairy lights. These are especially effective at night and could also be used to add some romantic ambience to your dinner.

  7. Switch out a lampshade

    Even something as simple as a lampshade can make a difference to the décor of your house. Remember, many small changes lead to a big difference.

  8. Declutter your house

    We often find ourselves being overpowered by our surroundings. Go through your house room by room, if it’s not essential to the functionality of the room (with the exception of a few decorations), take it out. If you don’t see yourself using it again, list it on second-hand websites and fund some other D.I.Y. projects.

  9. Have some photos printed

    Large format prints are becoming more affordable.  Have some photos of your family, pets or holiday you went on printed. While you are at it and in the D.I.Y. spirit, why not try building your own picture frame with some straight pieces of wood.

  10. A Change is as good as a holiday

  The cheapest option on our list. Sometimes all you need is to change the way your furniture is laid out. Try it for a few            days and if it doesn’t work for you, just change it again.